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The cuffed beanie trend 

Over the past year cuffing your beanie in a certain way has really hit the streets. Many rappers such as Madeintyo are bringing this trend to the mainstream. Cuffing the beanie is commonly known in the Philadelphia area and spreading throughoutly America and the world.

This trend is getting more known in the fashion world

Thanks to many rappers and fashion enthusiasts embracing the cuffed beanie more people are starting to notice. The beauty about this style of the beanie is that it is cuffed in a certain way, this is what gets the look and makes it stand out more than wearing a beanie that sags down, the cuff gives the beanie a more unique look.

The cuffed beanie trend is just like the dad hat trend.

Everyone knows that the dad hat trend has gotten amazingly popular and is now a normal style worn among many people. As I noticed people slowly wearing the cuffed beanie style I quickly realized that the trend will get more popular.

People who have been seen with this style

2 Chainz

Meek Mill

G Herbo

Kendrick Lamar 

How the cuffed beanie should be worn



How you shouldn’t wear the cuffed beanie style



The cuffed beanie is here to stay

With many people following up on this trend and many rappers also with the style shows that the beanie trend will be here for a while as it continues to inspire people to try the style out.

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