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5 things that I learned about meditating 

Meditation has became a huge part of my life ever since I started and ever since I began meditating I realized a lot about life and became more humble.

1. I became present in the moment 

By mediation I was able to put everything aside and focus on the moment. While learning this experience I noticed that I was overthinking about the future instead of being happy for the moment and that there isn’t anything to worry about besides how you are feeling in the moment.

2. I controlled my anger

Losing my temper and letting people argue with me has always been there, controlling my temper has really changed. Instead of me getting angry I noticed that it can become a endless cycle and being mad at someone and argueing will do nothing for you, the best thing I learned was to move forward and forgive people.

3. I saw more beauty in life 

Mediating can calm a person down and make people see the world differently. I paid more attention to nature and taking time out of my day to love more 

4. I became very motivated in a positive way

I was more inspired to follow my dreams and got strongly motivated to do new things in life. I also learned to control myself more and be more realistic and remain positive instead of overthinking I remained present through too much thinking.

5. I started sleeping better 

My sleep schedule has definitely has improved, I wasn’t overthink and stuck in my head. I realized that I was too anxious before I went to sleep that it kept me up. Meditating before sleeping is a great idea and will help you sleep better.
Meditating is key 

Meditating has been a great benefit in my life and is now a hobby that I use very often, it helped me stop stressing and learned to not overthink. Mediating is great for becoming in the present moment and not focusing on the past or future, but what is happening as of now.

9 thoughts on “5 things that I learned about meditating 

  1. I experienced the same things when I started meditating back in May. It is truly a life changing experience. What shocked me the most was that my ability to manage stress and frustrations changed drastically the more I meditated. Great info!

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