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8 things I learned from yoga 

Bringing yoga into my life showed me a different lifestyle. Yoga helped me external and internal. Below I will discuss the positive effects that yoga has on me. 

1. Flexibility 

Before practing yoga I couldn’t touch my toes while attempting to bend down. Yoga has shown me that it’s possible to become flexible and the more you practice the more the results will show

2. Yoga is similar to meditation

Yoga can really bring yourself into a meditation mind state. As I learned yoga, I noticed that I was mediating as I was listening to my yoga instructer with my eyes closed and in a mediation sitting position. This made me love learning yoga more and noticed how peaceful it was.

3. My breathing improved

I learned that breathing is huge yoga, there are yoga breathing methods to help you breathe better, for the past weeks I have noticed that I should breathe steady especially during other activities.

4. My stress reduced

Being stressed out is not good at all. Yoga has brought me into a less stresssed out mindset showing me that you don’t need to stress and that yoga will help you think more positive about life.

5. Brought me into the present moment

Like meditating, yoga can be very similar. I noticed that I was more present, focusing on my breathing while having my eyes closed really improved my mind.

6. More tone in my muscles 

I never thought that yoga can do so many things for me. Bringing yoga into my life has shown me that the practice can help tone up muscles and also strengthen bones.

7. Improved posture 

As I continued my yoga practice I noticed that my posture has improved. Sitting in a chair for hours or in bed can have a effect on your body. Yoga has helped my straighten my back and sit in better positions.

8.  Became happier

Yoga has shown me to appreciate my life more. I started to see things differently and my way of thinking changed, I became more positive and started doing new activities. 

Yoga is a great experience and a positive lifestyle! 

Yoga has made my life more positive in many ways. I will continue to practice yoga, I’m excited for anything new yoga has to offer me.

25 thoughts on “8 things I learned from yoga 

  1. You have spelled out the benefits in clear, concise language! I like the post as it doesn’t bog me down with too much information. I have joining Yoga on my important lists to do. Thank you for a fine write.


  2. Well said. I couldn’t agree more with you, it is the health of mind, body and spirit collectively. Each of these aspects are interdependent and to nourish all three mind is restorative in a way that does not tax one in favor of the other two and therefore achieve balance.

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  3. I love the fact that yoga transports me to a peaceful, tranquil place free from the negativities of life, the violent on the news and just chaos! It gives me a moment to breathe and let go! I am able to think clearer after I practice yoga. The flexibility that comes with it is great as well! I feel an overwhelming peace come upon me when I do yoga and I wish the world could feel that peace even if it is just for a minute.


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