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5 Things I love About Living In The Mountains

Living in the mountains can be the perfect vacation or permanent living. Either way the mountains can be one of the most amazing and beautiful escape for most people.

1. View

Waking up every morning and looking outside my window and seeing the landscape and the continuous mountains from the distance is such a warm feeling. It reminds me how beautiful earth is!

2. Exercise 

You can get the best work out by living in the mountains. Going for a run around the hills is such a intense work out, it will keep you more in touch with nature while staying fit outdoors!

3. Explore!

Exploring your area is really awesome, finding new locations and new trails is such a great experience, I found a small forest that I didn’t know about! If you live near mountains you should really go on a adventure, you’ll never know what you will find.

4. Wild life 

If you live in the mountains you probably came across snakes, coyotes or even bears. The more you go in nature you will realize that that you are not alone. Giving these animals space is the best respect. One day I was walking and looking straight ahead without looking at the ground, I heard a bush move and as I turned around there was a rattlesnake standing tall looking right at me as I ran. Ever since that day I became more aware of my surroundings when in nature, be safe!

5. Beauty 

After exploring, jogging or just relaxing with friends, it’s a great idea to take the time and look at your surroundings in a positive way and being grateful to be able to experience the great moments that you had. Getting more out in nature is wonderful and great for humans to be in their natural habitat! 

22 thoughts on “5 Things I love About Living In The Mountains

  1. Yes! All these things and more! I live in the Hinterland with a view of the white beaches along the coast, surrounded by rainforest with a natural spring at the bottom of my block. It amazes me at all the colourful flora and fauna just about every day. I feel so blessed to call this place home and feel inspired to write every day 🙂 Thanks for sharing your post and helping us realise and appreciate what is on our back doorstep.

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  2. I know exactly what you’re feeling – growing up in Virginia, I spent much of my youth in the Blue Ridge Mountains; as a young adult in California, the Sierra Nevada’s. But to be completely honest, as much as I love everything the mountains can give, I need to submit to the siren song of the shore and ocean. Fortunately, where I live is only 2 hours from either. On a whim, I turn right to the big trees or left, to the sand and sun.

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  3. I love living near the mountains too! Theres a certain serenity thats so calming, especially for an introvert. It’s peaceful and quiet, unlike long beach where I stayed for a few weeks, only thing I liked about LB was the beach, lol.


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