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5 Things That I Learned From My Spiritual Journey 

For about 1 year I started to become more serious about my spirituality views about life. Spirituality has really changed my life and helped me understand myself more.
1. Positivity 

Everyday I try to remain positive no matter how bad the day can get. 
2. I stopped arguing with people 

Argueing has been a issue in the past, overcoming this and realizing that there is no need for me to prove someone wrong has been good for me lately, instead of trying to get my last words in a negative situation I’ll to try understand where the other person is coming from. Not letting arguments and negative conversation in my life has made me into a more positive person and I learned to respect people even when I’m not getting the respect back.
3. Remaining present during stressed times

Usually I would dwell on the past or worry about the future, instead I get myself in the present moment and focus on what is going on now instead of worrying about the possibilities of the future, this had helped me with achieving certain goals and stopped procrastinating.
4. Meditating 

Meditating has helped me become more positive and happier. I cleared my mind from things that didn’t matter and made me get a chance to see what really matters and what I thought that mattered but was a issue that I had to solve 
5. Letting go 

Letting go and moving on was something very big on me, I started forgiving myself and others, soon I stopped blaming people for things and started to accept that I cannot change and the best thing is to seek new and better opportunities in life.

5. Open minded 

I have started to become more open minded in life! Instead of not seeing interest in activities or people that I didn’t know much about I began to explore my boundaries by trying new hobbies and listening to what other cultures and groups had to say.
Still On My Journey 

Knowledge is power, remaining to stay focused on the positive aspect of life is key. I’m continuing to learn, and I feel that my spiritual journey is improving each day. I don’t have a specific goal in this, I will like to see how things will change in the future without dedicating my whole life on it, eventually I feel that this journey wouldn’t be so much of a Journey much longer, but a lifestyle that I will soon adapt to naturally. 

10 thoughts on “5 Things That I Learned From My Spiritual Journey 

  1. I liked that you put that you were still on your journey. Life is all about constant improvement and focusing on how we can work on becoming better people. We’ll never become perfect, but we can always strive to be better people. Something that helps me to become a better person is a paraphrasized Buddhist quote. I feel regardless of religion it is very useful. It goes ‘if you propose to speak, always ask yourself is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?’ I’ve found it to be quite helpful especially in times when I am angry and stressed out.

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  2. This was a great read.. something I think I might practice.. I try to make the things I enjoy a habit.. my daughter told me it takes two months make a habit.. and I tell you it only takes a week to break.. thanks for the thoughts..

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  3. Very interesting and useful for me since I have been trying to figure out something in Yoga and Meditation. I am sure your experience on this field will also help me to add some more points on the subject. Thank you very much.

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  4. I loved this. As humans, we forget so easily to create a practice that will bring us back to ourselves. I know I often feel like I am pulled in a thousand directions, and when I feel like that, it’s harder for me to be the person I want to be and to do the things my heart resonates with. We will all, always, be on the journey. One of the most wonderful things about our pursuit of a spiritual life is that there is no end. Thank you for sharing your path!

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