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5 Random Things To Do In Los Angeles 

LA is by far my most favorited city in California that I have explored. There is so much to do and there is always something interesting going on!

1. Go to a Musem

Museums are everywhere in Los Angeles. The Muesum of Art is one of he most popular ones. This place is known for amazing history and awesome art!

2. Wellers Court, Little Tokyo!

This place place has became very popular. Weller Court is known for a color changing tunnel and also where Bryson Tiller filmed a music video for his song “Don’t”

3. Hike to the Hollywood sign 

If you love hiking and adventures then this will be a great opportunity for you! Especially for tourists that are new to the city.

4. Visit Santa Monica

Going to the beach is great, Santa Monica is a fun active beach and there is always something going on. This beach is known to be social! 

5. Research Random Events 

There is always something going on in the city of Los Angeles, city life can be very social, check to see what is the latest news in the city, there is a possibility that there are concerts, art shows etc.

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