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My Views On Art In Today’s Society 

“Art is an expression of the soul” art can show the expression of someone’s feelings and lifestyles of the artist or a certain individual. Art can be seen everywhere.

What I love most about art is that it is becoming a big part of today’s society, many people are still interested in it and art exhibits are really popular to go to. I feel that art has a huge impact on the world, art is never going out of style.

My favorite artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat has inspired me and many other people around the world. His creativity and his own individuality of his art showed many artist and young creatives that being yourself is key to standing out from the rest of the crowd. Basquiat’s art is amazing to me and by far is one of my top inspirations! He was best known for his abstract art.

Art In Social Media 

Lately I have been seeing art in social media, such as Instagram. This is great because art is continuing to become mainstream. There are many Instagram users  that use the app for a online art gallery. I feel that using social media is amazing for people to share their work online.

8 thoughts on “My Views On Art In Today’s Society 

  1. True! Art is a strong and very powerful medium of expressing our views and is not in simply viewing or enjoying any art, an art is complete only when the audience could assimilate what the art explains..😊😊😊

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  2. You’ve got a very vibrant, positive blog, and this post in particular made me smile! I’m a firm believer in the saying “when in doubt, share your art” because it’s such a wonderful way to connect with people.

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