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Why I Love Writing 

Writing is great for when you need to explain something, but many people use writing as a way to express themselves to the fullest and connect with people on a deep level.

Every since I was a kid I would get so zoned into what I was writing about. I started to notice that I try to focus a lot on it, I learned to start going with a certain flow and get my writing done faster. Over time I started to improve in my writing and got inspired with many other writers that I have seen so far on blogs and different websites. Blogging has also gave me the opportunity to read more and learn new things. Lately I have been trying to write everyday now, being able to improve my writing skills and taking in knowledge from other bloggers helped me. 

Story telling is by far my favorite subject when it comes to writing. Sharing memories with people is awesome to me. I’m able to save my stories on my blog and not only am I showing it to other people, I am keeping it as a memory on my blog. Blogging can also be a journal for many people, lots of personal experiences are on blogs. I find it amazing that people share great stories of what they have actually been doing. Writing on my blog helps me by just taking the time out my day to come onto my blog, write, read other bloggers post and continue to learn on the way. Blogging has been a great choice for me to improve my writing. 

What Do You Love The Most About Writing/Blogging?

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– Cedric Ramey


39 thoughts on “Why I Love Writing 

  1. When I write I feel such passion, happiness and it’s thrilling. I didn’t grow up writing or even thinking I was a writer. I didn’t realize my knack for poetry or writing in general until my early twenties. As I look back I’ve always had a way with words and I’m very witty. So it’s been there all a long! It’s amazing how you can have a gift for so long and not even realize it. ❤

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  2. Writing helps me get refocused. If I have too many thoughts on my mind, I start to write. This helps me figure things out. I’m happy you are benefiting from blogging. Blogging is pretty awesome.

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  3. Writing is my outlet – it’s my non judgemental therapy full of people like me who understand what my brain is like and how it’s wired. Nice to be able to put my opinions out there and not feel judgement.

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  4. Just recently found the joys of writing a blog. It is like being able to fully express yourself and share your feelings. I love it! The main reason I find is that it gives me a place to escape to.
    I used to write stories for myself, capturing my dream worlds.
    There is just something about writing. Definitely agree!

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  5. Thanking you kindly cedricramey for the follow to my blog. I hope you enjoy the riddles and all of the other content that makes up Bluebird4UDaily…
    For me I began this little blog (at the time under a different name) for many reasons…In the beginning of my journey into blogging I was indeed, clueless. But, I’ve found that the folks here on WordPress are a pure delight to get to know… Bluebird4UDalily was born after time spent away from blogging, but this time I was going to become open with my readers, sharing things… You’ll find a short story with illustrations, cooking with just the pictures, Gardening and so on.. For me writing here inside of this blog has become an open door to my readers and I hope they visit often.. wink.. Take care my new friend and thanks once again for the follow.. Love your blog and look forward to many posts from you.. Laura

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  6. Story telling is by far also my favorite aspect of writing. Certain ideas can only be expressed
    through fictional characters, settings, and plots. Opposing philosophies and perceptiveness
    can be presented within one work, and presented in a way that allows readers to potentially
    sympathize with ideologies that they may otherwise never consider.
    Blogging is quite new for me, but when i’ve gotten used to it, I’m certain it will be a useful outlet as well.

    Thanks for posting this~!

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  7. I love writing because it helps me to organize the thoughts in my head – getting it down ‘on paper’ helps me to connect dots and provides opportunities to share with others. I enjoy reading what others write and am always on the lookout for what I can glean from their perspective. Sharing what I have learned is a way for me to payback those I have learned from, freely received, freely give…

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  8. Writing is a brilliant, expressive form of work. Indeed, some things cannot be captured through words, however most beautiful things can.

    Writing is an outlet. It relieves stress; it puts us back on track. It is good to see how you value writing.

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  9. Writing and reading blogs is a great way to express a variety of experiences. I often find that when I respond to someone’s blog, that my response stimulates a direction for a new inspiration. Stimulation breeds inspiration.

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  10. It was nice to read your blog …I liked it !!
    For me I started it as an assigned task so my language was limited but lately I think might continue it…I’m interested i writing about my daily life…I think sometimes you want to share your experiences with other people..its kind of a diary of your life as well !!

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  11. Writings helps me make sense of things. I started writing because I was over-whelmed and confused about certain situations in my past. Writing helped me get through all of that. Things seem clearer to me when they are written down.

    I don’t know if my writing is any good for me to make it as a writer. All I can do is try and hope for the best. ☺

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  12. I love writing because I get the chance to make people laugh and enjoy whatever journey I’m putting my character through… then there’s the added bonus that I’m in complete control over my imaginary world. I can be a dictator if I wanted to, and nobody would care. I’ve found that it’s quite stress relieving! xD

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  13. I like this! I agree with everything you wrote, especially with the part about blogging and gaining new experience with it. It hasn’t been that long since I started a blog here, but I finally realize it would ve good to share my thoughts somewhere because if I don’t write for a while I get anxious. And also, of course, the more you write, the better/more comfortable you become at it 😀

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  14. Agreed with your reasons.. and others. I’ve had a journal & tried to write poems & songs since I was a kid. Writing helps me clear my head & figure out what I’m thinking. Not to mention it’s enjoyable…. which also makes it a guilty pleasure of sorts for me. Which is sad, really… because why feel guilty over something that is, obviously therapeutic? No denying that writing & music have helped me though so much….

    Enjoying your blog, btw. Keep writing, whatever your reasons. 🙂

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  15. I can be very withdrawn and I get social anxiety, but with the people or subjects I’m comfortable with you would never notice. With writing, I’m in my own world and it’s so easy to tell you anything and everything with the most vivid detail. Not necessarily on my blog yet, but I’m getting there.

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  16. Writing is so therapeutic, that’s the main reason why I love it. The way writing allows us to keep memories and emotions alive and to capture a specific moment forever is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way!

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  17. I know this is an old post but I still want to leave my comment…writting is a gateway from your heart and to the paper and I often use it when I can’t speak to it. I have been writing since…well I can’t really remember but it’s been a long time and the more you write the more you grow 😁😁😁

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