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6 Things That I Love About Winter

Winter is one of my most favorite times of the year, it’s the time for the holidays and being able to get together with family. Weither it’s going snow boarding or building a snowman, many people have different activities that they choose to do during winter, here is what I love about this cozy time of the year!

1. Snow

The snow reminds us that winter has arrived, getting us ready for any trips that we can make to go skiing, snowboarding or just building a snowman, the snow is always good, especially when it snows on Christmas!

2. Get cozy
Cold weather is great for wearing comofy pajamas, drinking hot chocolate and relaxing is such a great feeling. 

3. Rain 
Rainy days are my favorite, it gives you a relaxing vibe. Sitting by the fire place with friends and family is great!

4. Weather 

I live in Southern California, it can get very hot here. Being able to have some cold days can be good and a is always a relief from the hot days sunny days that we have. 

5. The Holidays

The holidays are my favorite, spending time with family for thanksgiving is a great time to catch up with family. Christmas is also one of my most favs, seeing awesome houses decorated with colorful lights is awesome.

6. Fashion 

Winter is great for me because I mainly love to wear coats and sweaters, being able to finally bring out my peacoat is always a good feeling.

16 thoughts on “6 Things That I Love About Winter

  1. Yes to all that! Rain, hot chocolate, cozied up on the couch, cold-weather accessories and coats, soups, ice skating near the Monterey wharf, holidays, and perfect temps to go hiking without heat stroke (lol). Oh and lets not forget those tamales!!!
    Yay winter!!!

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  2. I’ll admit, Winter is my least favorite season. I love Autumn. But, to be fair, I live in Eastern Nebraska and we get tons of blizzards (the plains don’t protect us well from gusting winds) and practically arctic-level cold, starting as early as October and running as late as April or May! I do agree about the rainy days part, though. To me, there’s nothing better than a dreary, rainy day to cuddle up with a good book!

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  3. Thank you for this post! I am anxiously awaiting our Western New York winter while trying to still appreciate the lingering Fall season. While I love each season for its own quirks and activities winter holds a special place in my heart. Hot chocolate or peppermint tea, cozying up with a book (and not feeling guilty about wasting a perfectly beautiful day), furiously working on a knitting project while binging something I’ve seen at least a hundred times, baking and cooking with warm and/or fiery spices are all idyllic but I think my favorite thing about winter is watching snow fall at night (it helps to have a street lamp) if you focus on a specific patch of falling snow there is this magical moment where it looks/feels like time has stopped or started going in slow motion. Cheers friend 🙂

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  4. Four days ago here in SnOhio, we had half a foot of snow. Since then the high temp has not gotten above 11 F. I sure hope the rest of the winter is not going to be this way. But wait–it just warmed up to 30 F, and now we’re having freezing rain! 😛


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