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 What I Love About Northern California and Southern California 

Northern California and Southern California are such beautiful places, yet they can be a little different. Either way I feel that you still will get a great California experience.

Southern California 

Southern California is known for the Mojave desert, Los Angeles and Coachella. Many people love SoCal because of the weather, some prefer hot sunny days and being able to visit the beach regularly. Surfing is popular and locals love SoCal because of that. Being able to do a lot of activities here is great, sometimes during winter it would feel like its spring for a week. The weather can be the best escape, if you love sunny days and warm weather then Southern California is the place to be.

Northern California 

Northern California seems to excite me more. It’s home to the redwood forest, San Fransico and the amazing Lake Tahoe. If you love camping in deep forests and enjoying some good weather, a little colder then SoCal, but it all depends on the person, then this is a great place for you. I enjoy colder climates with snow and lots of rain every now and then. By far Northern California is a great place and I love everything it has to offer. 

Southern California and Northern California are amazing places. California in general is amazing. Both areas can have a lot of similar vibes. Big bear has snow, you can compare it with some parts of Northern California. There are other parts in Southern California that are related up north, such as Idlywild and many other forest close to the mountains. In the end I love all of California and what it has to offers. I feel weither you go to Southern California or Northern California you will still get a great California experience!

What do you enjoy more, do you think that it’s a major difference?

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~ Cedric Ramey

12 thoughts on “ What I Love About Northern California and Southern California 

  1. Although Northern Cali looks breathtaking (I have a friend living there now and her pics on insta are gorgeous!), I think I’d prefer to spend time in Southern Cali, mainly because I live in Canada and I’m way too familiar with the cold, snow, forests, and all hahahaha. I need some more sun for sure! 😜

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  2. California is a great state, esp. for nature lovers. It’s so diverse. I love mountains, deserts, rugged coast, and many things between. Traffic in SoCal esp. in L.A. area is too much for me though. Speaking as someone who grew up in Bangkok and also dislike its traffic. 😄 Keep blogging!

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  3. I lived in Northern California in the 70’s, both in San Francisco and then north of the Golden Gate Bridge, in Marin County. I loved it, and many times I wonder why I’m not still there! 😛 In any case, I’m now back in the Midwest, where I grew up, but my bff lives in LA, and I visited her there last March. Although the weather wasn’t so great the week I was there, it was still SoCal–the beaches and the vibe. Still, I’m a NoCal girl at heart, wherever I might live! 🙂


  4. I’m a native Californian. Having lived my whole life in Southern California, I’m partial to Northern California because of the change of seasons. I prefer cooler weather.


  5. Because I live in south Florida, I’m accustomed to sunshine and beaches, but I am dying to see the Pacific Northwest with all its forests and giant trees and hiking. Trying to make that dream happen sooner than later.

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