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What I Love About Having Dreadlocks 

It’s been 1 year and 6 months since I  started my dreadlocks. I have had many different hairstyles in my life, but dreads seem to be the best look for me. I love the natural look of dreads and seeing dreads becoming more common to have in society is great.

Before I had dreadlocks I would always have to comb my hair before I left the house, I was so eager to having the perfect look. Now I don’t have to do much besides make my hair neater simply by just moving my hair out my face or putting it up in a bun. Although I love the simple and easy look of having dreads, I also love styling my hair in ponytails and getting creative with other looks, such as braids. Dreadlocks will give you a lot of patience because when you first start them you realize that they don’t happen over night, it will take a few months before you will see any results. This gave me time to forget about my hair and realize that my hair isn’t a big deal, eventually I started seeing my hair knot up together and the dreadlocks began!

My inspiration 

Bob Marley 

Bob Marley inspired many people to get dreadlocks. As a kid I always loved his hair and his positive music. Bob Marley is probably one of the main reasons why I decided to get dreadlocks. What I love most about Bobs dreads is that they are free formed dreads, meaning that he didn’t do force manipulatation with his hair, having free form dreads will give you a unique look.

Most people I know that have dreadlocks are very positive people. What I love most about people with dreads is that they can have a cool story behind them or a amazing reason on why they wanted them. For me, having dreadlocks can be a spiritual journey. Although it’s just hair I still love how people see their dreads in a positive, spiritual way of life.

I’m glad that I started my Dreadlock journey. Having this hairstyle has got me a lot of compliments and I even inspired people to getdreads too. I don’t feel that my hair is a journey anymore, my hair is more of a lifestyle now and my identity!

Thanks for reading!

What’s your favorite type of hairstyle? Leave a like & comment. 

~ Cedric Ramey


48 thoughts on “What I Love About Having Dreadlocks 

  1. Nice! I agree that the dreads look good on you, and they definitely create a unique look for each individual with that hairstyle. I have long, straight, medium brown hair, and I love to experiment with braids to create what I like to think of as my “Viking warrior goddess” look!

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  2. Nice post and the dreads suit you well. I had dreads for over 6 years and loved them dearly, like you say you forget about them. I used to get a dreadlock shampoo with rosemary scent to wash them and loved the smell, but after all those years they got very long and heavy. I ended up cutting them and now just have dread envy… keep loving them.

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  3. The dreads suit you. I can see what you mean – although i don’t have dreads myself when i finally got a hair style that was wash and wear I was much happier. Who wants to spend so much time fussing with their hair in the morning!

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  4. Ahh.. I can definitely can relate to this post! Patience is the key! I have dreads for over three years now and still not the happiest with it but hey I LOVE my dreads as well. Bob Marley is a huge inspiration for many things in my life and my dreads are one for sure.

    Btw I really like your blog… keep up the good work!

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  5. Your hairstyle is nice but your post is brilliant and the blog is amazing.
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  6. Being a baby boomer, the sixties’ British Invasion of music influenced men’s hairstyles. I lost all my hair (mandatory during military service), but when I became a civilian again, I didn’t cut it for 12 years. I pony-tailed it for work purposes (particularly landscaping jobs). But my favorite feeling was just letting it all hang down, especially while at the beach with the ocean breeze drying it over my shoulders after a swim. As a kid I read the comic “Turok Son of Stone,” and even back then I longed for the “barbarian” look. Enjoyed your post. And thanx for visiting my blog. Peace.


  7. They look great on you, suits your energy as well, from what I can see. I’ve tried growing dreads four times but ran out of patience. Lol. But yes, I love me some Bob Marley as well. May try again one day.


  8. I love your dreads. You look great. I’m glad you stopped by my blog. It gave me a reason to stop by and get to know you. I like what I see, so I’ll be back to read more of your posts.

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  9. I currently have what is called an “undercut.” My hair is so thick and curly I get too hot so I cut my hair underneath and left the top long. I considered dreads but I like being able to switch from curly to straight hair. Dreadlocks look great on you! 😀

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  10. I admire people that can committ to growing dreads. I recently just chopped all my long blow dryed hair off in an effort to get to my natural new growth to try to never blow dry it straight and just wear it naturally curly. Very scary but looking forward to what my hair can be in it’s natural state as it grows longer.


  11. Congrats on your journey! I’m going on 4 years in March 2018; best decision I ever made having locs. I had so much apprehension at first but I decided to not rely on society’s opinion or perception of what locs represent and make the decision for me, and I’m glad I did! Im so happy with the versatility and I feel like myself with locs. I’m glad you’ve embraced your journey as well and I look
    forward to exploring more of your page!

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