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Knot Nation Interview 

Who is Knot locks?

Knot locks has a YouTube channel named Knot Nation. His content is mostly about dreadlocks and vlogging, there is also many podcasts that is posted regularly. Knot Nation is a growing YouTube channel with great content and reliable information based on dreadlocks. What I like most about his YouTube channel is that he does reviews on celebrity dreadheads or other people around the world with dreads. 

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I would like to start off by asking where are you from and what do you do on YouTube.

Thanks for having me. Always a pleasure! I’m from Toronto Canada, and on YouTube I create Dreadlock Cultured Content and Daily Vlogs. This often includes livestreams and game play!

What inspired you to start YouTube? I noticed that you have strong knowledge on the dreadlock culture, how did that come about?

Initially Sports got me into youtube. It was a place I could upload skate edits and what not. This was about 2007. In 2010 I realized the opportunity and began a niche channel to document my Dreadlock Journey. I’ve always been infatuated with dreads since a kid. I just decided to focus on that topic.

That’s great, so you have been in the dreadlock community for years. I’ve noticed that your channel has been growing, it seems that you are the best at what you do, did you ever think that you would be able to help out so many people in learning about dreads?
Thanks that means a lot. My channel really started growing once it hit 10k followers. I for sure thought I could help people out with their locs especially after seeing a lack of informative videos on the Internet I started the channel regarding Interlocking dreads.

What made you want to cut your old set of dreadlocks that you kept well twisted and neat, was switching to the free form method the best idea for you? I’m currently free forming also, by the way what kind of camera do you use for your videos?

I wanted to cut my old set mainly because there was residue build up between my interlocks. I probably could have taken a long time to fix individually and clean it out but in hastily decided to it one morning after waking up from an edible coma lol. It was time to start fresh. So far the switch to freeform has been the best decisions yet. Has taught me much more about patience and acceptance with myself. 

I’m glad to hear you have chosen the freeform route also! For the videos on my youtube channel KNOT NATION I often use a Logitech C920 Web cam. I have a dedicated audio source (blue snowball) and a Broadcast program called OBS. A Very simple and affordable setup for anyone to get into video making

Who is one of your biggest influences in doing what you do, also do you have any future plans with your YouTube channel, any big updates?

I draw inspiration from many other youtube channels. A few to name are Zayloc 23. Gunther Da Great. But also people that have nothing to do with dreads like DJakdemics or The Vigilant Christian. But ultimately Bob Marley. My plan is to reach 100k subscribers

Knot Nation 



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Cedric Ramey 
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Thanks for reading!

Cedric Ramey 

One thought on “Knot Nation Interview 

  1. White girl here. I grew free form locks, and lived rasta. But rasta is in the heart and not just the head. By my reckoning If Haile Selassi is god I am god. That is what putative Jesus said too – ie somos todos ijos de dios – in so many words – as i am so shall you be and more. Ia Friend , rastafari. Then i learned that Mr Fox of the Quakers, who call themselves friends, in about 1604 said each human is to be as divine as they can, to be “jesus”.( People still believed in the story at that time). WWJD many speak the words but do not do the acts. I ‘n I rastafari – one earth consciousness, one human being mind around the planet – all of us cells in the wholeness, some finger nails, some heart, all of us living and serving and dying in service of life or of species death. I am rasta to the roots inside me head.
    Jah Lib. Cut my locks off with a piece of glass when i realised i could not wear locks in good faith as i did not do what i thought i should – like always say forward instead of back. cos time dont go backward. and say Imato for tomato organic and fresh from the field. no salt, vegan, i was taught by the purest rasta man. Iree mon, Free!! Locks receive and transmit energy. I dont know if you love the philosophy, I know you love Bob Marley
    break mind forged manacles, Live. Iree , Lib

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