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Why I started a Yotube Channel

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will like to discuss the reasons why I decided to start creating content on YouTube. 

I have always wanted to start making YouTube videos, but I didn’t really know what to record. About 4 years ago I posted a video called the Cinnamon challenge. Over time I posted a couple more videos but slowly stopped making YouTube videos. Two weeks ago I decided to begin my journey on YouTube again. My first video was a update on my dreadlock growth and about how long they have grown.


Vlogging has been on my mind since I started watching Dose of Fousey a year ago. Blogging is one of my most favorite hobbies, and lately so has vlogging. I decided to start vlogging because it seemed like a cool thing to do, after a while I started to see more in it and it has driven me to be more motivated in creating YouTube videos. Lately I have been feeling more creative and bringing my content to new platforms. So far I have posted a few videos and they are all receiving so much love, I’d like to thank everyone for the support.  
Link to my video

18 thoughts on “Why I started a Yotube Channel

  1. Hi, I liked your video. I think dreadlocks are really cool, I have a lot of questions about them so I suppose I will be looking that up lol…Thank you for sharing your video. I love how it started that was pretty sweet. What kind of camera do you have on your computer? The one that came with my new computer is hideous!

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  2. I will check out your channel for sure. You know even I posted few videos on my channel Untraveled Routes and then just stopped… I couldn’t find a suitable software to edit and compile my videos. However, I’m trying to begin posting again.
    Cheers, Charu

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