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Ayanna Wadada Interview –  Wadada Movement 

Ayanna is a creative, a fashion designer bringing amazing clothing styles. I have been following the Wadada Movement for sometime now and I appreciate everything that they are doing. I wanted to find out more about the movement and Ayanna. She has produced music videos for popular reggae artist Protoje and also runs a podcast show.

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Hello! Thank you for joining my blog. Where are you from? 

“Hi I’m from Trinidad”

I admire your clothing brand, what influenced your fashion style?

“Hmmmm influenced my style.. Definitely my travels.. Seeing the different cultures and their choice of whats comfortable, what’s normal, what’s trendy.. ”

I also look for different cultures to get inspired with new ideas. Can you explain what the Wadada movement is for our views that may not heard of it.

“Well Wadada Movement was originally curated as a female clothing line in 2010. Since then we’ve showcased over 8 collections. Also showing our collections in NYC fashion week, Caribbean Fashion week and Tobago Fashion week. We’ve styled music videos for Protoje and Kes The Band. 

Now in 2017 Wadada Movement had transformed into a lifestyle brand promoting positivity and love. We have been hosting our own online radio show for a year now, as well as curating and promoting our own reggae events in Trinidad. 

My sister (Asha) is a certified Yoga instructor; and I manage a reggae artist called Buzzrock. Those are the two things we do separately but promote and support each other equally.”

What advice would you give a inspiring fashion designers? Also I love online radio shows, what is the radio show about? 

“My advice would be to keep pushing. Don’t give up if you love it it will love you back. 
The radio program is a reggae countdown. On Dread Radio. An online radio run by Lion Twins. One of Trinidad most talented Djs/ Producer”

If you had a chance to work with any old school reggae artist who would it be. By the way how long have you been growing your dreadlocks? What made you and your twin start locing. I noticed that you both have the same hair length.

“One reggae singer i’d work with would definitely be Dennis Brown or even Peter Tosh.. Great musicians and artists alike. I’ve actually been growing my hair for 17 years known my sister has her’s 10 years now. Yea I think it’s because we’re so alike everything naturally evolves into the same physical likeness. (if that makes sense to you). I decided to grow my locks because I was looking for an identity. I found that identity in Rastafari. It’s not about the hairstyle, it’s the lifestyle that makes me who I am.. Makes Wadada who we are.. 

Having locs for 17 years is a long time, would you ever cut them? By the way what made you choose rastafari as a way of living. I agree also, I decided to grow my dreadlocks for the lifestyle also. What is one thing that you love about your dreadlocks?

“17 years is a long time… No I’ll never cut willingly.. I’ve also believed that if i was to ‘see death’ (passing of close family members) I’ll cut my hair as my mourning process..

I was at a bad time in my life.. I was lost, in a horrible relationship and just needed a total 180 degree change if i wanted to survive life. Lol.. I used to be around a lot of ‘rastas’ being from and island and always around a waterfall etc, the exposure to Rastafari is prominent. I also had a dream when i was 18 and I just knew Rastafari was going to safe my life.. And I never turned back since.  

I love the strength my locks has given me.. Literally a Sampson kinda of story… As my locks grew, my self love grew as well..”

Thanks for taking the time to be apart of my blog. Is there anything currently that you have planned for, any events? 

“No events at this point. Possibly something in Dec. 
Many thanks for allowing me to be part of your blog… 
Love everytime. 

Ayanna ”
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